In need of 2 academic summaries!!! Directions for the full assignment are provided.


For our unit on social media, here are a couple of more articles. The more articles we read, the more perspectives we get and the better we understand the issue we are working on.

For this assignment, you need to carefully read and annotate the following two articles:

“Hashtag Activism Isn’t a Cop-Out” (Links to an external site.)

“How Effective is Social Media Activism” (Links to an external site.)

“Activism or Slacktivism: How Social Media Helps and Hurts..” (Links to an external site.)

Then, complete an academic summary for two of the three articles:

As a reminder, an academic summary answers the three following questions about a text:

  1. What is the author’s main idea or argument? 

  • How does the author support that main idea or argument? 

  1. Why did the author write the text? 

Your summary should be detailed enough so that a person who has not read the text can tell specifically what kind of text it is and what it is about.


  1. Introduce the text to your reader. Note the title, author, type of text, and what the text is about. Remember that your reader may not be familiar with the text, so be as specific as possible. (1-3 sentences) 

  2. Describe the author’s main idea or argument. Refer to the author by his/her name. Do not use a direct quote: instead, articulate in your own words what you think the point of the text is. (1-3 sentences) 

  3. Explain how the author supports the main idea or argument. Keep an eye out for how the author organizes and/or divides up the text (are there sub-headings?). Pay attention to the author’s use of evidence, quotes from experts, examples from history, etc. The author might also use certain language or literary devices to support an argument. (1-3 sentences) 

  4. Interpret why you think the author wrote the text. What is the context, or background, for this topic? Who is the audience? What does the author intend for the audience to take away from the text? 

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