Clinical Field Experience C: Reading and Writing I Do, We Do, You Do
January 26, 2023
Discussion Question
January 26, 2023

Based on your readings throughout the course, write a 1-2 page paper explaining your opinions about what it might be like in the year 2050 for a family to manage its resources. Be sure to address the following:Discuss examples of the extremes of what families might look like at all levels of society. Some examples include:families living in povertymiddle income familieswealthy familieshomeless familiessingle parent familiesfoster familiessame sex parent familiesHow will these different families live and work?How will they manage enormous, or scarce resources? What resources do you think may be plentiful and what resources may be scarce?What will the home and community environments be like?Examples of future families15 possible points (30%)ExcellentStudent includes more than one example of the extremes of what families might look like at all levels of society – 15Home and Work Life Description10 possible points (20%)ExcellentA description of what the family’s home life and work life may look like is included – 10Resource Management10 possible points (20%)ExcellentA description of how families may manage their resources are included. Resources that are plentiful and scarce are identified – 10Home and Community10 possible points (20%)ExcellentStudent describes what the home and community environment may look like – 10

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