john lennon and oprah winfey are the topics

below is just a guideline.  the paper needs to focus on the topic of John lennon and Oprah winfrey.  I have attached the subject paper that i submitted last week.  Please use that to flow the thesis and map.  thank you.


For this piece of the Humanities Project, submit your topic choice along with your thesis and map as a single 1-2 page Word document.

Note that instead of a formal outline, focus on constructing a formatted map of your project. This map will be a guide of how your paper will flow.

Study the guidelines for your thesis and map before you write to see how you can create a quality essay for your Humanities Project. Remember, a strong thesis statement is usually an indicator of a great paper!

Sample Map for any topic

  1. Introduction
    1. Opening to capture interest
    2. Transition sentence that leads to thesis
    3. Thesis statement
  2. Body
    1. First Supporting Evidence
      1. Quote / elaboration on quote
      2. Example
    2. Second Supporting Evidence
      1. Quote / elaboration on quote
      2. Example
      3. Details
    3. Third Supporting Evidence
      1. Quote / elaboration on quote
      2. Details
  3. Conclusion
    1. Wrap up the essay by summarizing your thesis. Do not simply repeat your thesis statement; instead, reiterate the thesis while finalizing your thoughts on the entire topic.



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