Journal 3 for class

Journal 3.

ENV 101 – Chapter 7, 9, and 10

Type your reply to each question on a new line following the question. Please do not delete the question. Save the file on your computer, flash drive, or cloud storage before uploading the completed assignment to Blackboard.

Chapter 7 – Populations.

1. Why do some populations grow? What factors help to determine the rate of this growth?

2. How does the population growth curve of humans compare with that of bacteria on a petri dish?

3. All successful organisms overproduce. What advantage does this provide for the species? What disadvantages may occur?

4. Why do people who live in overpopulated countries use plants as their main source of food? Your answer should relate to the human energy pyramid (see Figure 7.18).

5. Why do economic well-being and the status of women influence the number of children born in a country? Why might women in less-developed countries decide to have more than two children?

6. How are age distribution, total fertility rate, and immigration affecting the way the U.S. population is changing?

Chapter 9 – Nonrenewable Energy

7. Devise a table that clearly states the pros and cons of using nonrenewable energy sources. Your chart must show:



natural gas

nuclear power

Chapter 10 – Renewable Energy.

8. Devise a table that clearly states the pros and cons of using nonrenewable energy sources.Your chart must show:







Part 2 – In Depth

Choose from one of the following prompts to complete.

Select one of the prompts below to research further (see Resources on Blackboard for some links to try). Address the prompt with a short essay (2-3 paragraphs) that includes at least one valid unbiased source from a scientific or social journal or site (cited in APA format).

1. Population growth in developing countries is happening at a rapid pace. Do you think that it is appropriate for developed countries to persuade less-developed countries to limit their population growth? What might be appropriate and inappropriate interventions? Find a source to support your response.

2. The U.S. government has eased up on restrictions put in place that govern the coal mining industry. Find a recent article (within the past 3 years) that discusses the environmental and economic issues associated with coal mining. Summarize the article and share your opinion on the issue.

3. Wind farms have been proposed for various coastal areas in the region, including off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland and in the Chesapeake Bay. Research this issue and report on what proposals are being contemplated and whether they are moving forward or not. Also address the following:

a. Are these proposals economically feasible? What impact would wind farms have on the environment?

b. Should private citizens have a voice in whether wind farms are built and where they are built? Or should such decisions be left to the government?

c. What are your views on this issue?

You must reference an appropriate scientific resource and include the APA citation.

ENV 101


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