Journal, paper


Research the following topics related to product design and service design:

  1. Benchmarking
  2. Reverse engineering
  3. Specification
  4. Queue
  5. Goods

In a Word document, compose three paragraphs describing the topics: one paragraph per selected topic,


The 1031 exchanges today are used to transfer interests from one property to another and defer taxes until the terminal property is sold. Thomas J. Starker was instrumental in developing modern exchanges and in fact, his actions forced the Internal Revenue Service to draft the 1031 rules used today. Go to the Internet and research Mr. Starker and in a 2–3 page paper, describe how Mr. Starker influenced modern real estate exchanges. By the way, some still refer to 1031 exchanges as Starker Exchanges.

Address the following questions in your essay.


  • Who is Mr. Starker?
  • What are the different exchanges that Mr. Starker pioneered?
  • How do you see modern real estate agents using these exchanges today?
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