Identify at least 2 additional health care entities that could be represented in the infographic.
May 11, 2022
: Pharmacologic Interventions of Pulmonary embolism using Heparin Drips
May 12, 2022

After reviewing Tables 8-1 (p. 123) and 11-2 (p. 164) in your textbook, determine the diseases Cuba and France face by combining the information into a memory matrix with each disease on the left (y axis) and France and Cuba on top (x axis). Put “Yes” or “No” inside the box to indicate if that country does or does not list the disease. Include at least ten diseases within the matrix. Along with the matrix, write a 100-word response describing your own personal explanation for the variations in diseases and disparities based on the two distinct cultures. In other words, what are the cultural factors contributing to the current state of diseases and disparities within each country?

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