MGT521 Altes Geld German Film Analysis and Questions

answer these questions for this movie: Altes Geld (2015)

1. In which colors is Austria/Germany depicted and what techniques does the director apply?

2. Describe the family members! Which characters develop over “time”? Which character in the show is a good person from an ethical point of view?

3. How do “form” and “content” relate to one another in the show? Look into color, lighting, shots, angles, music, and mise en scène!

4. What impact does the family history and their role in National Socialism have on their present situation?

5. What happened to Zeno?

6. What is the movement “The Invisible Hand”?

7. What is wrong in this world and/or what is missing? Is this a German problem or do you think this could apply to a greater context?

8. Why would someone create such a show? What is the message?

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