MHA5010 Capella University Organization Directional Strategy Paper

Write a directional strategies report that examines the alignment of a health care organization’s current directional strategies with its strategic goals.

Report Requirements

The requirements, outlined below, correspond to the grading criteria in the Directional Strategies Report Scoring Guide, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.

  • Analyze the effectiveness of the organization’s directional strategies.
    • Use the Mission, Vision, and Values Analysis Questions document, linked in the resources, to determine how effectively the existing directional strategies currently fulfill the requirements of effective directional strategies.
  • Identify gaps between effective directional strategies and the organization’s existing directional strategies.
  • Analyze the alignment between the organization’s directional strategies and its strategic goals.
    • Examine the strategic fit.
      • How well does the directional strategy fit the environment?
      • How appropriate is the organization’s direction, given the environmental analysis you completed in Unit 3?
      • Which strategic goals make the most sense at this time? Growth? Maintaining the status quo? Or does contraction make the most sense right now?
  • Propose changes to the organization’s directional strategies that improve alignment between the organization’s structure and its strategic goals.
    • Recommend changes you think the organization needs to make to establish a foundation necessary for the organization’s current structure and strategies.
    • Be sure to support your recommendations with references to current, scholarly, and authoritative sources.
  • Write a clear, concise, well-organized, and professional directional strategies report that includes conclusions that are supported by relevant evidence.
  • Follow APA formatting and style guidelines for citations and references.
Document Format and Length

Prepare your report using a familiar and appropriate document format used by health care organizations, such as business report or white paper.

Your report should be 4–6 pages in length (double-spaced).

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