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Instructions for final paper

APA format
Include title page
12-font / Times New Roman
4 – 5 pages (If you write more than 5 pages that is fine. However, this
assignment must be a minimum of 4 pages. This minimum does not include title
page or references page.
Double spaced

I. Introduction
Brief and general background on the issue (phenomenon of analytic interest)
that you have researched. This section need only be a paragraph.

Research Question or Statement of the Phenomenon of Analytic Interest
Clearly and concisely state the specific question/problem related to the issue
that you will discuss in section II.

Hypothesis ======> .
State your hypothesis or hypotheses. Due to time constraints, I suggest you
limit this section to one hypothesis for discussion. ( one hypothesis from the powerpoint attached )

II. Discussion
You may have your own labeled “sub-sections” in this section as well. It is
in this section that you will present your evidence and how it is relevant
(harmonious or dissonant) to the hypothesis.

III. Conclusion
It is in this section that you will clearly state your assessment regarding the
accuracy of the hypothesis based on the evidence/discussion offered in section
II. Remember, there is nothing wrong with stating that the evidence, and your
interpretation of that evidence, refutes or significantly reduces the
probability of your hypothesis being accurate.

IV. References

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