Neighborhood Project part 1: Proposal

Lecture (2 videos):


  • Research Methods section in Topic Overview


  • Neighborhood project part 1: Proposal, at least 75 word
  • assignment due Jan26, 2024

Place of Research is: Hempstead New York


For the proposal, you will tell your reader about the town or neighborhood that you plan to visit and analyze for the project. Include why you chose this place and some of the things you expect to find there. 75 words. Please note: this must be a place that you can easily physically get to collect data, as part of the project involves visiting the place and taking notes on what you observe.

*Please no Plagiarism, translation and paraphrasing bots, AI generated material, and cheating: Plagiarism is when somebody presents another person’s or machine’s ideas, words, or other intellectual property (such as photographs) as one’s own without any credit given to the original author. Plagiarism commonly happens when a person copies and pastes text into their own document or fails to properly cite quoted material, but it can take myriad forms (including photos). Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the WCC plagiarism policy available in the student handbook and at Plagiarism, cheating, and other kinds of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Any student who plagiarizes or cheats will automatically receive a zero (0) on the assignment for the first offense. Second offenses will result in failure of the course and reporting of the student to the college for academic dishonesty. Written assignments that appear to have been passed through an online translation or paraphrasing bot or generated by AI will earn a zero (0) and the student will be referred to the writing center.

  • if you need any specific information please reach out to me on Whatsapp
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