Neighborhood Project (part 4): Analysis


For the analysis, you will download, fill out, and submit the form above. You will select five items of data that you collected (at least one statistic, one observation, and one photo) in the place you chose and analyze them in a sociological way. What this means is that you will use your sociological imagination and knowledge, and what you learned in our class, to try to explain the data. In other words, why is this place like this? What is going on in the structure of society or this place that shapes it in a unique way? Be sure to use concepts from class in each of your analytical explanations. Each of the five analyses should be 100 words.

  1. Please to use the neighborhood analysis worksheet to complete the project. everything is straight forward.
  2. focus is on Hempstead Village, Hempstead, Nassau county
  3. anymore information need please do not hesitate to reach out
  4. all files needed for this assignment is downloaded below
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