Nike Business Intelligence Strategies Paper

This week you will be preparing for your Module 2 Adventure Works Business Case by researching and citing a similar real-world case study in a 1-3 page white paper. For this project, be sure to select an organization that has one or more similarities to Adventure Works, i.e. multinational, business-to-business, manufacturing and sales.

If you are not familiar with the format of a white paper, here are some links to help guide you:

The goal of this paper is to convince management that a business intelligence-based IT solution will help the company reach one or more of its strategic goals.

Now is a good time to review the Adventure Works Case Study Summary and recall the strategic goals stated in the last paragraph:

  • Broaden market share by targeting sales to the company’s best customers
  • Reduce cost of sales through lower production costs
  • Extend product availability through online sales

For your paper, you will show how a BI/BA solution has achieved one or more strategic goals for a similar company. Your White Paper should address the following:

  • What was the selected company?
  • How is the company similar to Adventure Works?
  • What goal(s) were they trying to achieve?
  • What business intelligence solution was implemented?
  • Was the desired outcome(s) achieved?

Be sure to apply the following to your white paper:

  • Utilize an extensive variety of sources relevant to the strategic goals of the company and the BI/BA solution.
  • Exhibit appropriate, audience-specific tone and vocabulary tied to the purpose of your paper. (Remember, you are speaking to non-technical business managers).
  • Use a consistent tone in your white paper and organize it carefully around the main topic with relevant supporting details as needed.
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