NURS 8111

NURS 8111


Each student will select a teaching project that will be of value in a selected clinical setting and is of interest to the student. The project must have preliminary approval by both the preceptor and faculty member. The following project formats are among those acceptable: poster, pamphlet, staff in-service, class in the community, presentation at a local or regional professional meeting. The faculty member will observe the teaching session or critique the visual project.

Each student will also give a presentation about the project in the 8111 seminar. Please note that the power point presentation for the 8111 seminar should reflect the paper contents, it is not necessary to submit the slides that were used for the teaching assignment. The following criteria are used for the written report and presentation of the project:

A. Introduction and Need Assessment

Overall broad introduction to the general area of interest, followed by a statement of the issue/topic/problem area specifically addressed.

Explanation as to how the topic was chosen and how the need for this project/presentation was determined. If used, include findings from a specifically developed Needs Assessment Form distributed to the intended audience.

Description of how the project/presentation was marketed.

B. Project/Presentation Description

Overall goal/purpose of the project/presentation

Description of target audience and setting that influenced the delivery of the project

Literature review of the topic (summarize at least 5 articles related to the topic)

Format of the project/presentation (lecture, demonstration, discussion, booklet, etc.)

A minimum of 2 specific objectives (cognitive, psychomotor, affective) stated in clear and measurable terms (e.g. “At the conclusion of this program/activity, the learners/participants should….”) linked directly to the project/presentation content outline, and the method for evaluation of learningPlease use the table at the bottom of this page and incorporate this into the body of your paper.


C. Quality of the presentation and paper

Both presentation and paper are of scholarly quality.

Sample table

Learning Objective

(what do you want them to learn?)

Content Outline

(what information are you going to cover?)

Strategies and materials

(how are you going to teach this?)


(how will you know they learned?)

D. Paper Length and References

A maximum of 8 pages excluding title page and reference page

A minimum total of 10 references; a minimum of 6 must be evidence-based practice journal articles.

E. Teaching Project Power Point Presentation

A maximum of 10 slides not including title page and reference page.

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