Nutrition Interview

nutrition interview ​​​​

You will survey 1 person and write a 2 page report based on the findings.    Select someone to interview. The subject must not be related to you and must not live in the same household. Use either interview or questionnaire format to gather answers to the assignment questions

Start your report with a paragraph about your subject.  PLEASE NOTE:  THIS ASSIGNMENT IS TO BE A 2 PAGE REPORT IN ESSAY FORMAT.  Please go not just answer the questions but take the information provided and write a report on your subject.  Please see sample provided.

Discuss the demographic information of your chosen subject. Demographics include age, height, weight,culture and any other variables that you would like to add. Do not provide names or identify the subjects.

Please do not settle for yes or no answers because I will not settle for yes and no answers – Ask the intervieweeto explain their answer.

1. Does the subject eat fortified foods? Does he/she know what a fortified food is? Can he/she give any examples of fortified foods?  If they do not know what a fortified food is –explain it to them and then ask them again if they eat any fortified foods.

2. Can the subject list foods that contain high amounts of or are good sources of each of the following: Vitamin C, A, D, E, K, Thiamin, Riboflavin and B12?

3. Does the subject take a vitamin supplement? Why or why not? If he/she takes supplements, how much does he/she spend a month on vitamins?

4. What resources does the subject use to get most of their nutrition information? Ie TV, Magazines – which ones, news- what programs

5. How many times a week does the subject eat Fruits and Vegetables? How many servings per day?  Do you think they are eating enough based on the Daily Food Guide explained in Chapters 1 and 2

6. Does the subject know what a serving is? Have him/her show 3 ounces is approximately the size of your palm.

7. How does he/she cook vegetables?

8. What is the best method of cooking vegetables?  Why

9. What concerns does the subject have about diet or health, if any?

If the subject were to learn more about nutrition, what specifically would he/she like to learn about or what would be helpful to him/her in the present situation?

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