Personal Narrative Story 2

Paper details

Narrative writing tells a detailed, chronological story. It includes main ideas and details. The main ideas can include:

  • A thesis statement (main theme)
  • Main ideas
  • Main events
  • Main characters/points of view

The details can include the narrative elements of 

  • Story setting(s)
  • Other characters/points of view
  • Elements of conflict
  • Dialogue
  • Details/descriptions that bring your story to life

A personal narrative is a story from your life that contains these elements. Read more about personal narrative writing in Personal Narrative.


Academic Success Center Missouri Baptist University. (n.d.). Personal narrative.


  • Select a memorable personal experience to write about as your personal narrative essay.
  • Be sure your essay includes the main and detailed elements of narrative writing listed in the instructions.
  • Write a 2 to 3-page personal narrative using APA (7th ed.) formatting.  Do not write more than 3 pages.  Part of this assignment is to teach you how to write concisely.  Writing more is not necessarily writing better.
  • Your essay should include a proper title page, and in-text citations with a References page if you use outside sources.
  • Be sure to use the writing process (brainstorm, outline, draft, write, and revise/edit) before submitting your final paper.
  • Allow yourself time for revising and editing. Your paper should demonstrate minor spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
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