HCS430 University of Phoenix Standards of Care Discussion Response
April 19, 2021
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April 19, 2021

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Assignment – Physical Activity Plan Presentation

Physical Activity Plan Presentation (CLO #6)

Develop a presentation outlining a physical activity plan for populations with a medical/physical limitation,  or populations in a specific setting  (e.g.  public school system).  Background information regarding the population and how you will assess the group will be presented.  One activity plan specific to the population chosen will be presented.  Health benefits of the exercise plan for the population will be reviewed.

Charts and handouts to share with the class are encouraged.  Presentations should be 7-10  minutes in length.  Online students will submit recorded presentations. Onsite students will present in-class.

  • Example PA Plan Presentation Click for more options – PowerPoint File (986.9 KB)

– This is an example and not a  “perfect”  presentation.


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