Powerpoint on Religious Warfare in Europe

Special Project Guidelines

Special Project: Each student will do a project on a topic we are covering in this class. Your project could be a website, a presentation, a mini-exhibition, a story, a video, or a work of art.

For the first stage, the Research/Planning Reprt, you will turn in a brief (about 3 pages) report emphasizing the historical context of your project, key points you want to share, and the primary and secondary sources you used to research the topic. Please note what your project will be, and how the project will help develop key points you want to get across. For the Research/Planning Report, please follow Steps 1-6 below.

Later on, you will do the project and share it with the class in an online forum. You will also write a reflection on what you learned and how you think other people benefited as well.

Keys to Success on a Special Project:

  1. Define your topic. Please make sure it relates to topics covered in our course reading. Please avoid topics that would normally be covered in American History classes. Make sure your topic is broad enough to be interesting to a variety of people, but narrow enough to discuss briefly. (“Communism” is too broad. “Lenin’s Vision of Communism” is much better.)
  1. Discuss how your topic relates to broad trends or themes that come up in our course reading, such as cultural change, maritime trade, religious diversity, political rights, economic development, or global challenges.
  1. Discuss the type of project you plan to do. Choose a project that will allow you to use your insights and creativity when sharing with the class.
  1. Discuss at least two primary sources (from people in the era) and at least two secondary sources from your research. Note strengths and weaknesses you see in the sources; emphasize how each source helps us understand the topic.
  1. Comment on how the sources you found in your research will be helpful for the project.
  1. Identify three main points you want to get across to your fellow students. Be sure to note how your project will develop or reinforce these points. In addition to the other five steps above, share these three main points in your Research/Planning Report.
  1. Share your project in an discussion forum on Canvas and get feedback from fellow students.
  1. For the last stage, the Final Assessment, you will also turn in a brief reflection about your project and what you learned from the experience of doing it and sharing it. Your reflection will also include insights you gained from other student projects.

My project is on:

Religious Warfare in Europe

The European wars of religion were a series of wars that took place in Europe. According to the book, the effect of these wars was to weaken the Holy Roman Empire. Religious conflicts weakened European dynasties. I think that this is interesting and caught my eye especially due to the fact that religion has an impact on warfare which is not something common.

For my special project I am going to do a powerpoint on Religious Warfare in Europe.

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