PSY370 CSUN Impact of Alcohol Abusse on Mental Health and Families Journal

How do you write the nuclide symbol for: Cesium – 133
April 3, 2021
NURS450 WU Sallie Mae Fisher Health History & Discharge Orders Case Study
April 3, 2021

Journal Entry Instructions – This is a Social Impact ongoing Activity.

You will write several short Journal entries (see dates in syllabus) based on an individual with a mental health or a substance abuse problem. Informal writing in journals. You can write about a fictional person or someone you know – change names. This will be an ongoing journal assignment which involves the story about the impact of their problem as it relates to how it affects the individual, their relationships, their family, the community, and society at large. Change names. Write at least 3 paragraphs for each journal entry.


Journal Entry #4 – The Family – How does this problem affect their family (Due 6/2/19) Write a few paragraphs – about a page.


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