PSY645 Ashford University Roots of Psychological Disorder Video Discussion

Prior to beginning work on this interactive assignment, review your instructor’s initial forum post, and watch The Nature of the Mind–Part One: The Roots of Psychological Disorder. (Links to an external site.) Please note that the video selected for this week is dense and may be difficult to understand upon first viewing. You are encouraged to watch the video more than once over the course of several days to better understand the conversation in more depth.

As a scholarly member of the psychological community, you will be expected to engage in philosophical conversations on the nature of psychopathology and changes in the mind. This interactive assignment is an opportunity to have a philosophical conversation with your instructor and classmates on positive psychology and the nature of psychological suffering.

For your posts in this forum, you will follow the instructions provided to you in the instructor guidance for this week. As a class, you will judge and comment on the use of diagnostic manuals and handbooks including how they may limit our understanding of psychopathology.

This week’s Interactive Discussion Assignment asks you, as a class, to work together to exposure yourselves and others to a variety of views on the nature of psychopathology and changes in the mind. In this conversation, there are many potential viewpoints that are not necessarily in opposition to one another. Consider each perspective and think about how you might but the pieces together to create a better understanding of our topic.

Refer to the story of the “Blind men and the elephant (Links to an external site.)”—our goal is to see as many different conceptualizations as possible in order to better comprehend the whole.

Based on the video, you should minimally discuss the perspective presented by wJ Krishnamurti, David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake, and John Hidley and present how your views are similar to, and different from, these individuals.

NOTE: While it is easy to take a position and argue why you believe that position to be true, I challenge you to engage in higher order (beyond undergraduate) thinking: Consider at least 1-3 or more viewpoints beyond those presented in the video and this week’s reading. Use the following questions to assist you in reflecting on various viewpoints.

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