question week 3!

The Dawn of Modern Political Thought

Select a forum that interests you most for your initial post; then reply to two of your classmates in another forum thread than your initial post.

please chose one of the 4 so i can send you the question ( 380 Word Minimum)

1. Machiavelli: What’s New?

2. Hobbes’s State of Nature

3.Hobbes’s Reason

4. Hobbes’s Social Contract

Web reading:

1. Renaissance Timeline

2. Machiavelli’s Political Thought: Sections 2,3,4,7,8,9

3. Hobbes’s Social Contract Theory: Sections 2-9

4. Hobbes: Moral and Political Philosophy: Sections 5(a) (b) (c). 4 is optional

1. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli: Chapters V, VI, XVII. These chapters are quite short. All other chapters are optional. This e-text of the Prince is downloadable ways, including Kindle.

2. Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes: Introduction, Part 1 Of Man: Chpt. 1 (Of Sense); Chpt. 2 (Of the Natural Condition . . .); Chpt. 14 (Of the First and Second Natural Laws . . .); Part 2: Chpt. 17. These chapters are relatively short, and you may skim over some parts. All other chapters are optional. This e-text of the Leviathan is downloadable ways, including Kindle.

Not Required but helpful:

1. Of Conquest Machiavelli focus on the sections pertaining to Machiavelli

2. Hobbes State of Nature: Paragraph 3b

2.Social Contract Theory : Very helpful section

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