RE: SOCW6111: DIscussion Question 2 – Developmental Stages The Case of Brady

Respond to at least two colleagues who identified a different case and provide feedback on the client’s stage of development. Identify another area that should be addressed, based on developmental stage.

Support your responses with specific references to this week’s resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.

Response to Kelley

In the case of Brady, there are many issues that can complicate the process of determining whether or not Brady has mastered his age appropriate stage of identity. Brady is at the age where determining what he knows or the reasons to how he is acting can be difficult under normal circumstances, let alone a child with a background such as his. In my own determination from reading the case study, I would say that Brady is unlikely to have “mastered” his stage of identity due to the stressors that he has had in his short life. At a time in his life when Brady would have been mastering stage 4, “Industry vs Inferiority” he lost his mother. In stage 4, a child needs to have people who are helping to boost their confidence and self esteem and should not be criticized or abused which causes them to have a decreased ideation of self worth. (, 2018). Because each child views their mother as their protector, Brady was put in a hard place when he lost his at this stage of his life. Brady’s father was also suffering from a loss and he was not able to handle his emotions properly in order to support Brady at this time in his life. Brady’s father was not helping to boost his self esteem and was both criticizing and verbally abusive to him. Without completely mastering the stage 4 competencies, I have a hard time believing that he could be working towards completing stage 5. His circumstances have robbed him from it and his continued issues with his father and his home life will continue to cause more issues. It is unknown if he has mental or learning disabilities or if he is just troubled from his life experiences. His father will not investigate what is truly happening and the social worker must do her best to protect Brady and to rebuild his relationships with the family that he has left. It will be a long road ahead, but I feel with the proper reinforcement and the right people standing behind him, Brady can excel in life and make a difference.

Please include 2 APA references

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