Reality Approach in group settings

Reality Therapy Group Work

Reality therapy is based on the assumption that people strive to gain control of their lives to fulfill their needs. It does not emphasize attitudes, feelings, insight, transference, one’s past, or unconscious motivations. Reality therapy focuses on solving problems and on coping with the demands of reality in society by making more effective choices.

There are several concepts that are central to the application of reality approach to group counseling. These include the following:

Human Needs and Purposeful Behavior

Existential/Phenomenological Orientation

Total Behavior

The Essence of Choice Theory


What are the concepts related to reality therapy? What is an example of an issue that could be treated with reality therapy group?

Answer must be a minimum of 200 words.

Make sure that your response is research based using professional sources in full APA format; this includes both in line citation and a full reference list.

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