Reflection Paper #2

Reflection Paper #2:

Guest speaker critique via videos

Below you will find the links to two (2) videos featuring two (2) different speakers.

Watch the two videos, then provide a 2-3 page reflection paper per all assignments written in APA formatting.

  • Consider the topic focus for each speaker?
  • Consider comparing and contrasting the information shared? thoughts on disability? experiences on/with the disability?
  • Consider comparing and contrasting the information shared with that presented in our course textbook?
  • What did you learn?
  • What information shared do you think should be considered and incorporated in K-12 schools? incorporate into your professional career field?

Video Links:

Let’s change the way we think about disability | Joel Dembe | TEDxMississauga

Changing How We See/Serve People With Physical Disabilities | Joy Wagner | TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary

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