Reflective Journal Exercise-Challenging Aspects of being a Nurse

Reflective Journal Exercise


A Reflective Journal is a way for you to synthesize material learned in the course module, it enables you to perceive the links between theory and practice more clearly, and it encourages deeper thought into what you did, how you did it, and why you did it. It requires one to reflect on a personal experience for the purpose of self-awareness and professional growth. The benefits of Reflective Journaling include:

  • Critical Thinking Skill Development
  • Synthesis of Classroom and Clinical Knowledge
  • Self-Awareness
  • Professional Growth and Promotion of Professional Behaviors 
  • Shift of Focus away from Self
  • Awareness of Emotional Responses, Personal Biases, and Beliefs


Being able to apply concepts you learn will deepen your understanding of psychology. These application activities allow you to practice this skill to maximize your understanding of the content in the modules. Please provide a 250-500 word reflective response using Microsoft Word. 

Writing Prompt

Describe what will be the most challenging aspects of being a nurse.  What will you do to have a positive working relationship with your coworkers and supervisors?

What will be the most rewarding parts of being a nurse? Why?

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