REPLY TO 2 Classmates posts for Music Appreciation Course

Respond with at least 2 paragraphs each repsonse…NO PLAGIARISM:


Hello class,

As I went about reading about the three great Jazz artist, I realized that I had been missing out on some amazing music. Louis Armstrong was an extremely talented musician, before his time jazz was known mainly as a group effort. Louis was able to show that being a Solo Jazz artist is a possibility. Louis also was able to help spread Jazz to the world. Going on many tours to other countries and gaining world notoriety person started to refer to him as the ambassador of Jazz. Edward Kennedy Ellington, also known as “Duke,” was only of the best Jazz composers. During this time Jazz music was played with many instrument trying to make one voice or tune. Duke experimented with having each person in the band play as an individual. He played each soloist to their strengths creating a music where the soloist played against each other. His musicians seemed to like this type of approach and stayed with him longer than most artists in other bands. Charlie Parker was not really giving as much credit as during his time. He had a slow start and was very popular in Europe. Charlie with the help of his friend Dizzy Gillespie and other, they helped change Jazz music to what was known as bebop. Charlie was an amazing technical musician that experiment with different ways of playing Solo Jazz music. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to learn about these amazing musicians.


1.Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong used his unrestrained sand sound and a “broad mouth” with a charming smile to conquer many people and became famous around the world. He is not only playing in the concert, he often plays impromptu shouts and dances in his performances. This way is quoted by future generations, especially in rock bands. Luis Armstrong’s creative source is come to his impromptu live performances. The most important thing is that he has a simple belief: he lives for the majority of the audience; he wants the audience to feel the beauty of music.

  1. Duke Ellington

He introduces meaningless sounds (issues a variety of sounds with no specific meaning) into jazz. It is the main innovative character of jazz. Duke is good at considering the characteristics of the musicians in the orchestra and tailoring for each solo musician/singer. The tracks and paragraphs that best express their characteristics. The soul of the orchestra is not only in the piano, but also very important to the musicians, so his orchestra is very powerful.

  1. Charlie Parker

He is the first person I can know to put the focus of solo on the chord. In his previous life, solo focused on the development of the song’s melody, and in his harmony, his solo can always use the semitone to perfectly shuttle in the complex. The harmony is carried out, free to swim between the harmony inner and the harmony. Dizzy Gillespie (and Charlie Parker, the founder and promoter of Bebop) said in an interview: “Before Bebop, not many musicians understand piano and harmony.” This has a great impact on the development of the jazz. The emergence of Bebop has indeed eliminated many musicians who are not technical enough and do not understand music.

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