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Warning a community is probably one of the most important things that could happen before a threat or hazard is about to happen. It is not just about actually warning the community but it is also about what you say in the warning when you say the warning. You need to make sure you give the community enough information so that they can get to safety but not too much information where they are in a panic. The warning is there for the protection of the community and is only there to help, so if the warning causes panic than it is adding more destruction than it is helping before the warning. When disseminating a warning there needs to be enough time for the citizens to get to safety but not too much time where the public begins to believe that the threat is not coming.

When I think of warnings there are a few things that come to mind. In the military one of my jobs as a command post controller was to send out ATHOC messages. The messages and warning I sent out were mostly weather notifications of lighting, hail, and winds. Even so, if we did not get those messages out in time before the aircraft would take off it would have been harmful to fly in certain conditions. Thankfully we did not have to send out any messages of attacks or bombs but in exercises that was what we would do and they were specifically timed so that the soldiers could prepare themselves for imminent danger.

Another instance that comes to mind is the missile alert in Hawaii last year. This alert was supposed to be a test drill and instead, someone supposedly misunderstood the command and thought it was a real threat so sent out a real-world missile threat. This is a big mistake not only to put a whole state and even country in a panic that we are about to get attacked but the fact that it was not true. This would cause the “crying wolf” aspect as the instructor talked about. The next time an alert goes off and it is a real-world message, how many people will believe it or will they think someone just misheard the instructions.

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