Response To Peer D 2 (4165)

Nichelle Ho Lung

Please respond to the following discussion by using one reference from peer-reviewed Nursing Journal not older 5 years old (from database and not the internet).

When selecting human subjects for research, it is important to consider cultural, ethical and even social implications of the subjects. Researchers must evaluate the purpose for the research of specific individuals and determine if they are underserved population or a vulnerable population. Things like these are important to establish because implications can be developed from such. A major ethical issue that should be observed is informed consent. As described by Polit; informed consent is a process in the ethical conduct of a study that involves obtaining people’s voluntary participation in a study, after informing them of possible risks and benefits. Human subjects that are of vulnerable populations and are not able to comprehend the information of the research are implicated. If the human subject is unsure of the potential risks and benefits other measures must and should be used to create understanding for the subjects. It is ethically wrong and illegal not obtain proper informed consent. It is not safe for the subject and unfair to them as well.

Cultural barriers can also come into play and should also be observed when selecting human subjects. Providing accommodations for the subjects should be made and applied in order for complete transparency of all parties.

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