Second Harvest Food Bank Community Service Paper

  • The report should be 3-4 pages long (quality of writing: grammar, spelling, topic organization (5 points). Include the name and address of the agency, your supervisor’s name and his/her signature. Because there is no time to go to the writing center after you have submitted the paper. If your paper has more then 10 grammatical errors, the paper portion will be at best 20 points despite the remaining content. So if this has been an issue for you, you must take your paper to the writing center before submitting it.
  • Objective and/or mission of the agency (5 points).
  • Description of your work: a journal entry for each time you go to the agency. For each entry, describe your experiences: orientations, training, jobs you did, etc’. Also include (for each entry) at least one paragraph on you reflections as you worked in the agency that day (20 points).
  • Describe how your experience influenced your insight and understanding of domestic hunger and correlate the information to class. (10 points). Please provide 2 specific pieces of information from class for full credit.
  • Other information you should include: why and how the agency started, who funds the agency, how long has it been operating, what the target population is, how social and cultural concerns affect the way the agency operates, how the projects of the agency impact the nutritional status of the target population (10 points).
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