Services Covered with Medicaid and Behavioral Economics Writing Paper

Post Discussion: “In the News” and Health Literacy
July 1, 2021
Respond to case critiques.
July 1, 2021

Please watch the above videos and answer the following questions about one pages per question:

All the answer will be checked using Turnitin for any copy or Plagiarism

1) Please define the following health insurance related terms and give examples on each using your own words:

a) Deductible:
b) Copayment:
c) Coinsurance:
d) Out of pocket maximum:

2) How “Medicare” works and how it is funded?

3) What services are covered with “Medicaid” and how states are involved to fund and administer the program?

4) Define behavioral economics. What kind of incentives can be used to design better healthcare? Include extent of effectiveness in your comments.

5) How social media can be used to design better healthcare?

6) Is healthcare right or luxury?

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