Skillful Teachers Discussions Post

Reply to at least 2 of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

Respond 1


A skillful teacher is not born but rather made. I would posit that some people have more natural skills and interests that incline them to become a skillful teacher more easily than others. A skillful teacher must possess more than just extensive knowledge in his or her field.

A skillful teacher is organized, able to manage a classroom with multiple students well, and to help students achieve the desired learning outcomes. He or she is good at planning the curriculum, assessing student learning, motivating students and building positive relationships with them. The skillful teacher must possess humility, an ability to be flexible and also the ability to understand the perspective of each student and adapt his or her teaching methods to those students’ needs.

Respond 2


I believe that a skillful teacher is a teacher that is capable of transmitting thoughts, experiences and knowledge to others, in a process that contains a time line of events, opportunities, actions and experiences to be learned.

A skillful teacher is a human being with no limits of creativity, willing to adapt, learn and transform herself and others through life events. Skillful teachers are not born, but made. They can learn, change and improve their abilities to impact the lives of their audience. They adapt their teaching over the years to meet their students needs and to help them succeed. They are constantly manufacturing ideas, recycling and analyzing thoughts, activities, processes and interaction with their students. They see their teaching as a process with the final goal of molding a students learning so they can make a positive impact on their students lives.

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