Student Success Essay




The topic of the essay is student success. What habits do you believe are vital for a student to be successful at Arizona College of Nursing? How do you define student success? Start early in the week to allow time to revise and edit your work. 


Remember, your thesis statement should provide the organizational structure for your essay, it is not a list of success habits. You will share your opinion and the 3 supporting pieces of evidence that will explain WHY you have that opinion. The formula is “I believe X because 1, 2, 3. Example: I believe it is vital that students develop time management skills in order to be successful because it will help them avoid distractions, set realistic goals, and maintain balance in their lives.


  • Write 1-2 pages describing the habits successful students have.
  • The last sentence of your introductory paragraph should be your thesis statement that includes your topic’s relevance, your bold claim, and the 3 ways you will offer supporting evidence.
  • Be sure to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Include 1 expert quote or statistic to prove each of your supporting evidence paragraphs.  Those will require in-text citations and a references page.
  • Use APA (7th ed.) formatting when writing your responses.  Your essay requires a proper title page, as well as in-text citations and a reference page (if you use outside sources).
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