Substance Abuse in Older Adults Paper

I have attached the three references please no plagiarize, spell check, and check your grammar. Please only use only the references I provided. paper should be 1,050 You are required to use APA (6th ed.) formatting for in-text citations and references and Abstract.

Addressing the current issue of the aging adult. The aging population has issues such as being a parenting grandparent, aging, and levels of care, what constitutes successful aging, non-traditional retirement, healthcare costs, financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, and substance abuse in aging. Examine how human service professionals are addressing these issues with the aging population in the article. Write a paper that includes a brief summary of the article, the service delivery explored in the article, information about how human service professionals are addressing the issues identified in the article, and your analysis of the recommendations for service delivery as outlined in the article.


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