Suffolk County Community College Senior Fitness ISSA

Your SSF certification examination includes a written component. Each week, we will provide you with an assignment that allows you develop your written submission in manageable steps. By the time you reach Week 10, you will have completed the written portion. All you will need to do is put your responses together, and submit!

Answer the question below, then set the answer aside to submit with your final exam.

This week’s assignment:

Short Answer

1. With respect to the aging process, list at least six benefits derived from participation in regular physical activity. Give a brief definition for each.

2. In your own words, describe the effects of normal aging on metabolism.

3. In your own words, describe the effects of normal aging on bone mass.

Learning Experience
Choose one of the following learning experiences. Perform the experience as instructed and write a 250-word essay describing your experience and what you gained from participating. Provide a comprehensive explanation of your findings including the answer, what you learned from the experience, and how this newly acquired knowledge will benefit you in your service to your future clients, friends, or family. If outside research is necessary to complete your answer, be sure to include a list of research references.

1. Think of two older individuals you know. Choose one that leads an active lifestyle and one that leads a sedentary lifestyle. Compare their quality of life and discuss your findings in detail.

2. Take the Assessment of Healthy Habits Survey found in your course text. Was your score positive or negative? Discuss the areas of your life that need to change in order to increase your life expectancy score. Describe in detail what change(s) you plan to make.

3. Search the Internet for “age and exercise.” Find a website that contains relevant information. What kind of information does it provide? Does the site seem credible? Is the information provided useful? Are there citations or references for the information provided? How will you use the information you’ve located to educate or train your older clients?

4. Choose one of the biomarkers listed in your course text. Research the topic and explain in detail the relationship between that biomarker and aging. Discuss the relationship between the symptoms of aging and the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

chapters 1-3

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