The Three Graces Painting Discussion

Class and Doc,

I chose the painting “The Three Graces”. This brilliant artwork was painted between 1630-1635 and was also one of his final works. In Greek Mythology, considered minor goddesses as well as the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome, were three virgin sisters named Aglaea, Thaliea, and Euphrosyme. The Charites were thought to, “spread goodwill, pleasure, and mirth, and were therefore welcome guests at festivals”. These figures are composed in a decided vertical direction which helps define its line. The three primary colors used in this painting were yellow, red, and blue. “Rubens’ late painting of three nude figures magnificently illustrates the artist’s extraordinary handling of incarnate or human flesh”(Biography and 100 paintings). “His nudes, which often startle contemporary viewers because we have developed almost entirely different standards of beauty, are notable for the way in which their flesh folds and drapes across their bodies” (Sayre, 2013). The emotional response it initially instills in me is one of happy playfulness, the soft colors calming and peaceful. The painting appears to have the right balance, symmetry, and unity. The three women are in a circle with one of them having her back to the observer, and there is an even distribution of shape. When observing for perspective, the painting appears to be atmospheric with the background muted and less detailed. My novice eye can certainly appreciate the brilliance of this piece of art.

The Three Graces, 1639 by Peter Paul Rubens

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