Tuberculosis Community Screening

Week 10: Summative Assignment: Critique of Research Article
May 11, 2022
Leadership Strategy in Scenario 1
May 11, 2022


Tuberculosis Screening


Tuberculosis Pre-Clinical Work-up

Research three EBP articles related to target population

Describe and discuss the target population

Create a concept map of their risks, needs and/or common comorbidities

Describe and discuss culturally competent care or developmental competence within the target population

Apply results to target population and research six community resources related to target population

Compare and contrast family, community, national, and/or global implications

Assignment: Create a TB screening questionnaire based on your research


Simulation Scenario

You are a public health nurse who does PPD TB screenings every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Here are your clients today:

Client 1: Miriah: Local nursing student who needs testing prior to entering the program

Client 2: African-American. Angelique: Someone trying to get a job in an adolescent group home who has previously worked in a nursing home. Needs testing for her new job. This client is also currently 20 weeks pregnant.

Client 3: International student from India just enrolled at a local university. Needs testing to live in the dorms.

Client 4: Hispanic Migrant worker lived in a crowded house with extended family members all winter long. One of them was sick and coughing all winter long. Saw a poster about TB in a public bathroom and thought he should be tested.

Client 5: Native American. Former IV drug user who lived in an inner city drug house in Chicago from the age of 18 to 20. He is a police officer and has moved back to F/M is trying to get a job as a correctional officer in the Juvenile Detention Center.


Visit Agenda

Health History

Screening Form

Additional Health History

Physical Assessment

What Physical Assessments would you do?


Administer TB test

Any other testing needed?

Referrals and Resources


Client 1: Miriah

Mission trip a year ago to work in a orphanage in Mexico. The

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