Types of Customers Definitions Diners Drop in & Meet and Go Paper

Look at the types of customers in chapter 3 of the textbook and discuss the importance of discerning the different types (select only 3 types) of customers: diners, drop-in, meet-and-go, entertainment seekers, regulars and repeat customers, as well as the many sub-groups within these categories.

Post your original thoughts by describing what you would do, as a manager, to attract those customers. Respond to at least 2 other students.

Here’s the types of customers’ definitions on the textbooks. It may help you to answer the question.

Types of customers:

  1. Diners at restaurants where drinks are served. These diners come to enjoy a good meal and a drink, whether in the from of cocktail, wine, an after-dinner drink, or all three. Each enhances the enjoyment of the total experience. Although the food may be the primary focus at a restaurant, people often want to drink an alcoholic beverage, too. Restaurant that do a flourishing business without alcohol are the execution rather than the rule.
  2. Drop-in customers who are on their way elsewhere. They usually want refreshment, a quick pick-me-up or a stress reliever after a day’s work. In this case the drink is the focus; the customers has one or two at most, then is on the move again. People who are waiting to board a plane or a train are meeting someone at the bar also belong to this group. Bars near office buildings of factories and in train or bus stations, airports, and hotel lobbies typically cater to this category of customer.
  3. Meet-and-to customers. These individuals are looking for a relationship connection, whether a date for evening or a long-term plan. They go to singles bar or meet bars that are attractive to others like themselves. They stay long enough to meet someone whom they would like to spend the evening with, and the two may or may not move on to a place where the food and/or the entertainment is more suitable for leisurely conversation and an evening together. Today most singles bars include dancing and very-late-night hours.
  4. Entertainment seekers looking for relaxation, stimulation, or a change of pace. They frequent bars, lounges, clubs, and restaurants where entertainment is offered, such as country-and-western music, games, and/or dancing. These individuals wants to meet new people or keep up with social trends. They may visit several places or spend a whole evening in only one place if the entertainment, the drinks, and the company are to their liking.
  5. Sports fans. In almost every major city, you’ll now find at least one sport bar, featuring big-screen television viewing from every angle and special promotions for championship games, boxing matches, and so on. Another newer trend is the cigar bar, where guests can puff away at high-priced cigars and enjoy high-end liquors to go with them. The idea is that people want to commune with individuals who share their interests, whether that means a great game or a great smoke.
  6. Regular patrons of neighborhood bars and taverns. They are interested in enjoyment and relaxation, too, but their primary desire is for companionship: being with people whom they know and like, feeling comfortable, feeling that they belong.
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