Understanding Evidence Base & Theory Behind Educational Practice Discussions

Requirements For both Discussion Questions:

1.) Some of your thoughts in reference to your assigned readings, with

2.) Your personal observations and experiences, and pulling in

3.) Perspective from at least one outside source.

Must be, at minimum, 3 paragraphs of 5-7 well-developed sentences

APA citations are required only in the original response

Discussion Question 1:

Major emphasis at both the state and federal levels has been placed on the use of educational programs and practices based on scientifically based research. This impacts practicing educators in the areas of curriculum, instructional strategies, professional development, parent involvement, and all federally funded programs.

  • Why is it important for school leaders to examine and understand the evidence base and the theory behind educational practice?
  • What are some ways you can expedite the process of obtaining this information?
  • In addressing special populations, how have the data helped to influence your choices

Discussion Question 2:

We live in a global, informational society infused with technology all around. To prepare students for the future, a variety of technologies should be integrated into science instruction. Through this integration, teachers help students gain a deeper understanding of and connection to how science and technology improve our daily lives.

In this module’s application assignment, you designed a lesson plan for life science. In this discussion, respond to the prompts below about your lesson and upload your lesson plan as an attachment to your original response. Then, use the prompts to critique the lesson plans of two colleagues.

  • Discuss types of technology that could be easily integrated into daily lessons in science.
  • Have you observed creative uses of technology in teaching science?
  • Describe the types of technology you have observed and/or discuss the barriers that might prevent the use of technology in science classrooms.

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