Urban Study Discussion

Answer the following questions in essay format. Answer should be a maximum of 750 words (500 words minimum). Exam question must be typed and a paper copy printed and stapled should be turned in class.

1. You are a progressive Mayor of a mid-size US city. Propose ways in which your city might be reorganized in a more democratic, socially just and ecologically sane way — describe how your city can be a site (or sites) for anti–driven politics and policies. Also describe the limits imposed on a Mayor to democratize the local economy by market-driven forces.

2. Pick from one of the guest speakers we had throughout the quarter and expand on how their research connects with urban studies. You may not repeat what you wrote on weekly critiques if it is a week/topic you already explored through that venue because that is plagiarism, but you may use your ideas to write a new and longer piece.

Guest Lecture slides is below.

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