Week 3 Borderline Personality Disorder and Anxity Level Questions

300 words
April 3, 2021
Differential Diagnosis For Mycoplasma Pnuemoniae
April 3, 2021

Answer the questions with at least 2 or more paragraphs per question.

Use examples. I am looking for your own comments and opinion based on readings, videos, and lectures. Number and Bold Type your questions then answer. Use first person narrative. List sources.

Dis. Bd. #3 Week 3

1. This will test your anxiety level and patience! Take the activity test entitled
The Personality Type A or B.pdfPreview the document
I want you to write about your experience with this activity and what you learned about yourself. This is a self analysis so be as complete and honest as possible.


2. Watch video What symptoms of the individuals in this video support Borderline Personality Disorder.

3. Watch the video on the video Interview with Tommy Lee Sells which is pretty chilling. Click on Mind of a Killer in Blue letters to open.

How would you diagnose him and support your diagnosis with examples of his symptoms.

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