Week 4 Discussion 1 Share Your Peer Reviewed Study

Action research is a form of inquiry in which a problem is identified and a series of actions are planned as a way of gaining deeper understanding of the range of possible solutions. The purpose of this discussion is to promote reciprocal sharing of the study you reviewed with others in your community of practice (your peers in this course) who would value the knowledge you have gained through the peer review process of the study.There are two parts to this discussion.Part 1:Share the process and results of the action research study you peer reviewed in EDU 694 or ECE 660. At a minimum:Describe      the purpose of the study by writing a statement that completes the      following sentence, “The purpose of this study was to…” (two to three      sentences).Post      the research question(s) – Include definitions of key technical terms, if      necessary (one to three sentences).Outcomes/Results      or the “so what?” of the study – Answers to the research questions. (three      to four sentences)Assuming      you would conduct another cycle of this study, what specific modifications      or adjustments would you make, and why? (three to four sentences)Explain      why this study is important for teachers and other educational      practitioners to read about. (two to three sentences)Part 2:Attach      a link to your Folio.In      one paragraph, reflect on your experience with the redesign of the Week      Three Assignment in terms of challenges you encountered and how you      overcame those challenges. Also include how your assessment promotes      learning and innovation skills and how it could be used as a tool for      ongoing evaluation of student progress.

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