week 5 assignment 1

This week you’ll be working with a team to complete another professional resource which you can take with you to use throughout your professional career. As indicated in the assignment directions, there are 10 elements within NAEYC Standard 5 and each of you has been assigned the task of gathering EITHER a scholarly journal article OR the name, contact info and brief description of services for a professional organization which supports your assigned standards….since each group is comprised of 5 students, you each will  locate 2 resources.For example, one of the elements is Language Development. So one acceptable resource would the University of Arizona’s Speech, Languages, and Hearing Sciences Department, which contains a wide variety of resources for teachers and parents on promoting language development: https://slhs.arizona.edu/community/parents-other-professionalsHere are the details of the groups and the areas to which you have been assigned:Standard 5 Element                                            GROUP 1                       GROUP 2                          GROUP 3Language developmentJadaJoanneAnaLiteracySharonAnthonyYuxiArt—music, creative movement, dance, drama, or visual artsBrendaTiffanyKatelynMathematicsAprilGinaSetinaScienceTiashaLaToyaMalloryPhysical developmentJadaJoanneAnaHealth and safetySharonAnthonyYuxiSocial studiesBrendaTiffanyKatelynDesigning curriculum for childrenAprilGinaSetinaEvaluating curriculum for childrenTiashaLaToyaMalloryAs we did a few weeks ago, each of you will have access to a shared Google Sheets document and will insert your findings into the spreadsheet. Please use this link to access the document:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19aKivQXf4074cj0uw4Q7vxy5496TagJ1rc_03j6Fink/edit?usp=sharing (Links to an external site.)Once you have completed your assigned portions, please Copy/Paste the link above to a Word document and submit to Waypoint for evaluation – just as before, you are only being evaluated on your own contributions.Please be extremely careful that you do not change what your fellow students have submitted.Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.Dr. GuevaraKids Image from https://farm4.static.flickr.com/3260/3130305618_ee48b0a637.jpg

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