The link to the following article is included under the Article Review header in this week’s module:

Blumenfeld, W.J. (2000). How homophobia hurts everyone. In Adams, M., Blumfled, W.J., Castaneda, R., Hackman, H.W., Peters, M.L., & Zuniga, X. (Eds.), Readings for Diversity and Social Justice (pp. 267-275). London: Routledge.
the attachment has the article
1. Briefly summarize the article. Focus on how the author illustrates the notion that “Homophobia Hurts Everyone”. In your summary be sure to mention how the author illustrates the social construction of homophobia. (5 points)

2. Briefly describe (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) the four interrelated levels on which homophobia operate. (5 points)

3. The author describes 12 ways in which homophobia limits the lives and experiences of heterosexuals. Select the three that you feel are the most significant and explain why you feel those are the most significant. Do not describe them â€“ the GTAs and I already know what they are. I want you to explain why you feel they are so significant. (10 points)

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