A T Still University Failed Policies in Criminal Justice Questions

Summer 2019

1.Based upon the PowerPoints, lessons and video, what is the point about Wilson’s book The Truly Disadvantaged and the impact of his scholarship? Please identify and describe six points made by the author. Please make certain to include policy implications of his scholarship?

Please select 2a or 2b

2a. Based upon your readings and/or material in the announcement section,

how would you answer the question, so what? With this question in mind, you have a lot of latitude. It simply requires that you are reflective about something that you have read or viewed that is related to this course. If you select this question, try to have some fun with the question.

2b. Why did Sykes write The Defects of Total Power? What points are made along the way? What lessons are learned here? In other words, what are the implications of this classic by Sykes?

3a.From the Failed Policies in Criminal Justice book, select any chapter read to date; please identify and discuss at least four points made by the author. Be certain to include implications or the “so what” of the chapter.

Please 4a or 4b or 4c

4a. What points are made by Bing about criminal justice policy development? Who influences and shapes policy? As an idea: Include in your discussion possible impediments to meaningful policy initiatives in the “political world” of decision-making.Ultimately, what “forces” drive or interfere with policy development? [Hint: Just tell me about my power point on the topic and/or synthesize some of the points made in chapter one of the Failed CJ Policies book.]

4b. From one of the lessons, titled, The Going Rates. Discuss the role of courtroom workgroup. Who are these people? Why are they important? What are their goals? What can you say about

the limits, if any, of reform measures in the context of the courtroom work group?

4c. From, the lesson on competing criminal justice models, what is the point?

Please select 5a or 5b

5a. Based upon what you have read and or viewed, provide or offer a discussion about drug policy. You have a lot of latitude, but please link your response to policy and not theology.

5b. What is the skinny about either of the following articles: The Practice of Law as a Con Game or Adapting to Plea Bargaining? Simply describe either article and identify potential policy implications, if any?

I recommend you to answer questions 1, 2b, 3a 4b, and 5b

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