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Plagiarising as a nursing student, goes beyond the academics. It reaches to the core and very foundation of trust, and integrity upon which the profession of nursing was built, and affects the very care we give to our most trusting clients, our patients. It attempts to uproot and, make a mockery of it all by taking away the trust the public has in our profession. As students, if we do not carefully research the topics and issues before us, and discover the best way to address and get it under control through proper data collection, giving credit to where it is due, we will not be able to carry these out as nurses. This is exactly what we are going to do for every patients concern. We will have to research or investigate the problem, collect data, analyze it, plan, while advocating for the patient as we present our findings to the physicians. Our implementation of the prescribed care will focus on the patient’s safety, and we will patiently and together with the physician evaluate the outcome of the whole process. This will aid to enhance a much better outcome for these patients.Their trust in the profession of nursing will be strengthened. The issue here is about honesty and integrity in our work as nurses. We are expected to research enough materials and get an excellent  grasp of the researched topic while giving credit to the sources of our acquired wisdom. As we practice doing this at this level of our education, we will easily transfer it to our professions as nurses. As we ethically practice this, we will be able to stand with those great giants in healthcare, and deliver the best possible care with integrity to those that have come to us with trust in their time of illness or trauma.

The public has great trust in our profession, and believes that we will be there to help them alleviate their greatest fears during a time of illness.The only way we can deliver this care is by diligently studying and gaining an up-to-date understanding through research and the application of this knowledge to our patients conditions. This will help to optimize these patients outcomes ( Brower & Nemec, 2017). Our critical thinking skills, our careful observations and the analysis of these informations takes us from being task oriented nurses to educated scientists who are able to enhance their patients lives by making discoveries with solid evidence from our varied data collections and analysis, and implementing those plans for a better outcome for our patients.This process further solves problems and impacts our clients or patients  by improving their outcomes ( Brower & Nemec, 2017).

In order to ensure academic integrity in my work, I will thoroughly research materials on a given subject and gain a good understanding of it (Eberle, 2013). I will carefully study and ask questions to gain the understanding needed to become a safe nurse.

I will be very careful to give credit to each source I use by citing it authors and the dates of its publications.

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