Applied Sciences  Graduate Student Success quizz 5

Question 1Research methodologya.Is the same thing as research methodsb.Is the philosophy behind the researchc.Completely eliminates bias from research studiesd.Is a set of rules that govern research paper writingQuestion 2If a study is qualitative,a.People are the subjectsb.Animals are the subjectsc.Statistical data is not usedd.Surveys are usedQuestion 3If a student was conducting a study at his/her place of employment, which is NOT a consideration?a.How the organization’s data would be kept secure.b.Who would be allowed to see the findings of the research.c.If the findings could potentially create internal issues.d.All of the above are valid considerations.Question 4If one was conducting quantitative research, one needs a good understanding ofa.Statisticsb.Psychologyc.Sociologyd.HistoryQuestion 5A nursing student wants to study the effectiveness of a new treatment of a rare disease and knows she may only have a few participants – maybe only one. The student could considera.Conducting a case studyb.Doing an autoethnographyc.Conducting field researchd.Writing an experiment

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