Applied Sciences  Sleep

Learning ObjectivesIdentify ways to ensure good sleep habits and high-quality sleep, especially during periods of stressDirectionsTake a few minutes to review and assess your own sleep habits. Are you getting enough?Check the appropriate boxes:UsuallySometimesNeverI get 7–8 hours of sleep at night.I feel sleepy or have trouble focusing during the day.I take a nap when I feel drowsy or need more sleep.I fall asleep or have trouble staying awake in class.I fall asleep while studying.Track how much sleep you get each night during a one-week period.At the end of the week, write a short journal entry (400-400 words) in which you reflect on your current sleep habits:How many hours of sleep do you think you need every night to function at your best? How can you tell?On an average, how many hours of sleep did you get on weeknights?On average, how many hours of sleep did you get on weekend nights?How would you rank the importance of sleep compared with studying, working, spending time with friends/family, and other activities? What things get in the way of your consistently getting enough sleep?What changes can you make to your schedule and/or routines that might improve your sleep habits?

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