Discussion 1: Nurse Poaching

Before posting to this discussion board, read the following article:Singh, J. A., Mkala, B., Amuah, E., Mehta, N., & Ahmad, A. (2003) The ethics of nurse poaching from the developing world. Nursing Ethics, 10(6), 666-670.This article is available via the Reading tab on the Purdue Northwest Course Library Guide.As you read, think about how this impacts nursing in the United States. Then answer the following:

1-Do you think that nurse poaching from poor nations is ethical? Support your answer….why or why not?

2-What do you think the positions are for: the nurse leaving the country; the home country; and the country that the nurse will be going to? In other words, what are the pros and cons for each of the entities involved?

Your response should be written in your own words, consist of complete sentences, and should be at least two to three complete paragraphs.

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