First Person Poem in The Voice of A Public Figure Who Is Dead Discussion

This discussion question is a creative one. You are going to write a poem. It must be a minimum of fifteen lines and must be from one of the prompts posted below. No Haikus ! Grading will be based on effort and ambition. It will also be based on including the following: use of a sonic device three lines, use of imagery, and at least one metaphor/ simile.

Choose ONE of the following prompts to follow. You must indicate which prompt you chose and your poem must be titled:

1. What repels you- the smell of garbage? Sloppiness? People who never shut up? Make a list of things you dislike intensely. Choose one or more and try to transform them into something appealing or beautiful. You do not have to post the list, just the final product.

2. In two columns, make a list of things you love and things you hate. Now, write a poem that combines something you love with something you hate. You do not have to post the list, just the final product.

3. Write a first-person poem in the voice of a public figure who is dead.

4. Who are your dead? Have them meet in a poem, even if they never met in life, and describe how they interact.

5. If you own some object that used to belong to someone who is no longer alive, describe it in detail, along with your memories or imaginings about how that person used it. You might also talk about how it is used in the present.

6. Take a negative aspect of the self (fear, depression, cowardice, cruelty) and find a concrete object for what it feels like. Maybe it’s like walking into an abandoned house, slogging through the mud, etc. Concentrate on that metaphor, extend it so that it is your poem.

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