FOR HENRY Read attachments. Write 400 word memo on the case study.

Please read the attachments to get an idea of Cultural Communication and how to effectively communicate.  The case study is at the bottom of the assignment.  You have to talk to someone for 2-3 minutes while standing too far.  (You can just make up a conversation).  Then write a 400 word memo on what happened.


Part of the assessment says to use what you learned about yourself in the CQ (Cultural Intelligence) assessment.  I need to work on my cognitive and physical cultural intelligence.  Cognitive means being able to understand a new culture without too much effort.  Being able to observe them and sort of blend in.  Physical means the way you act, speak, etc.  Things like hand gestures, physical contact, word choice like slang, etc. 




The purpose of this assignment is to understand how body language and social norms interact. To explore the topic, we need to step outside our comfort zones and ‘Break the Rules.’ This assignment – to intentionally break a ‘normal’ social rule of behavior – shows you just how powerful nonverbal communication is and how it impacts a communication event.

Your assigned case displayed below identifies the social rule that you are asked you to break. After studying the unit’s content, complete the activity of your assigned case: for 2 or 3 minutes violate a social norm without telling the other person what or why you are behaving outside of the norm. Caution: ONLY do this with a peer, NOT someone of authority, and immediately debrief the person on why you behaved this way.

Task: Write a 400-word memo to your professor on the experiment. Report on what you did, what you think about it and the impact on your communication. Weave in personal reflection associated to what you learned about yourself from the CQ assessment. Perhaps you can include an example of nonverbal cues that Americans typically violate relative to another culture.


Case: Cultural & Nonverbal Communication – Stand too far from someone.


Stand too far from someone, making it difficult to have a conversation. Consider turning your body away from them.


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