G131 Phase II Part B Focuses on Spatial Connections in Pacific Assignment

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Part B: Spatial Connections

Tasks for Section I:

The tasks within Section I of Part B of the Integrated Topics focus on selection of sets of three specific ocean phenomena among fourteen options that tend to co-occur in either the Pacific and/or Atlantic Oceans, identifying where they co-occur geographically from a variety of options (3 points each), and then explaining the reasons for the co-occurrence of two of the three sets (3 points each).

Section I: Answer questions I.1, parts (a) and (b)

I.1 focuses on spatial connections in the Pacific and/or Atlantic Oceans

Tasks for Section II:

This Section focuses on a single task of answering a question – II.3 – that again relates to the spatial relationships among oceanic phenomena requiring that a new set of three co-occurring phenomena be proposed that are different from any of the fourteen options given in Sections I (3 points), coupled with an explanation of their relationship (2 points). There is also an optional bonus task (3 points), which is to complete an additional question (II.4), requiring specification of locations where these three characteristics proposed in the answer to Question II.3 would co-occur, in either the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans.

Sections II: Answer questions II.3

II.3 focuses on proposing three specific oceanic phenomena, which were not included in Parts I and II, that are also spatially related and therefore co-occur, and on describing a location where these three chosen phenomena might co-occur in either the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans

Map for Section I:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.23.54 AM.png

Section I:

Answer both parts (a and b) of Question I.1.

This task focuses on recognition of ocean phenomena that are spatially related. It consists of two parts: (a) identifying three distinct sets of three oceanic characteristics that co-occur and suggesting locations where each are found in the Pacific and/or Atlantic Oceans, (b) explaining the rationale for teo of the three selections.

Strong answers will correctly match the series of characteristics in groups of three (from the list of 14 options without repetition), identifying where they co-occur in the Pacific and/or Atlantic Oceans (i.e., choosing a correct location from the options – P1 to 10 and A1 to 10 on the map) and justify two of the sets of selections in ~30-50 words by explaining why such characteristics co-occur in the specified region based on common controlling factors or direct relationships.

I.1. Complete the table below with combinations of three letter codes (A to N), one set in each of three rows, which correspond to oceanic characteristics that co-occur, choosing examples that: (i) #1 co-occur in the Pacific Ocean, designating sites P1-10 from the accompanying map, (ii) #2 co-occur in the Atlantic Ocean, designating sites A1-10 from the accompanying map, and (iii) #3 co-occur at sites in both oceans. (3 points/row)

a. A. Carbonate sediments B. Hydrothermal vents C. Low plankton productivity

D. Centers of ocean gyres E. Mid-ocean ridge F. Chemosynthetic bacteria

G. Nutrient-poor waters H. Corals I. Nutrient-rich waters

J. Upwelling waters K. Warm ocean waters L. High plankton productivity

M. Divergence of oceanic waters N. Convergence of oceanic waters

Important Note: Each letter can only be used ONCE.


First Letter Code

Second Letter Code

Third Letter Code

Co-occurrence in the Pacific (P1 – 10)



First Letter Code

Second Letter Code

Third Letter Code

Co-occurrence in the Atlantic (A1 – 10)



First Letter Code

Second Letter Code

Third Letter Code

Co-occurrence in the Pacific (P1 – 10) and in the Atlantic (A1 – 10)


b. For two of your three selections in the table (#1, #2 and #3) explain why their characteristics tend to co-occur. (3 points each)

(Write your answer here)

Section II:

This task (Question II.3) continues the focus on identifying and explaining spatial connections between specific ocean processes or characteristics. (5 points)


For part (a) of Question II.3 select and describe three oceanic phenomena, excluding all of the characteristics included in Section I, that co-occur (3 points), and for part (b) explain why these features are spatially linked to one another, ideally including illustrative examples of these linkages (2 points).

For Question II.4 (bonus 2 points) propose examples of locations where these ocean characteristics co-occur in either the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans.

Strong answers will select appropriate oceanic phenomena akin to those included in Parts I and II but without duplicating any of these characteristics. The descriptions will note a specific physical or chemical parameter of ocean waters, a specific region of the ocean, a feature of the ocean floor, an aspect of marine biology or life in the ocean, a dynamic property of ocean motion, or other similar types of characteristics that tend to co-occur. The explanation will describe why the chosen characteristics can be found together in a given region of the ocean environment, preferably with illustrative examples. For the bonus question the locations in the ocean where the characteristics from Question III.3 co-occur will designated by oceanic region (e.g. eastern equatorial Pacific) and/or by their coordinates (latitude, longitude).

II.3. Spatial Relations among Oceanic Phenomena

a. Propose a set of three distinct ocean characteristics entirely different from any of the characteristics included in Section I that tend to co-occur. (3 points)

(Write your answer here)

b. Explain the basis for your choice of three distinct ocean characteristics in question (a) that were not included in Section I. (2 points)

(Write your answer here)

Bonus Task:

This task (Question II.4) considers the location of the specific ocean processes or characteristics proposed in Question II.3 in either the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. (3 bonus points)

II.4. Locations of Chosen Oceanic Phenomena

a. Describe a location where the set of ocean characteristics you have chosen for your answer to Question II.3 would co-occur in either the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. (3 bonus points)

(Write your answer here)

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